Tax Services

Tax ServicesAgent appointment

Once we are appointed as your agent we will deal with the Income Tax Division on your behalf taking this burden from you. This includes all correspondence and the checking of statements, notices of coding, demands, repayments etc.

Personal Tax Services

We strive to provide all our clients with professional and value for money assistance with their personal taxation affairs. We offer an Island wide home visit service which can be particularly helpful to elderly or infirm clients.

Small Business Accounts

If you are self-employed or in a partnership you will need business accounts preparing for submission with your personal income tax return. We can prepare the accounts for you together with accompanying taxation computations.

Corporate Tax services

As part of our annual services for preparing financial statements for a company we will also prepare a taxation computation with accompanying schedules and vouchers. We also then manage the preparation and submission of the company’s income tax return.


Dealing with the Income Tax Divisions: As your agent we would deal with any queries arising from the Income Tax Division on your behalf leaving you to focus on your business.

Tax Return Submission: All our tax return services cover the completion and submission of your Isle of Man Income Tax return along with all necessary schedules.

Full Tax Calculations: We will prepare the necessary tax calculations and advise you on how much tax you need to pay and when you need to pay it.

Repayment Claims: Now and again you may be due a refund and we can monitor repayment for you.



For our VAT registered clients as part of our book keeping services we can assist with the preparation and submission of VAT returns.

If you are unsure if your business should register or de-register for VAT we can review your results and advise you as to the appropriate actions or choices. We can also assist with any applications required.


We can prepare salary calculations on your behalf or advise you on the appropriate rates and deductions to assist you in the operation of your payroll.

If you require us to manage your payroll completely we will also advise the monthly remittance payments required to the Isle of Man Government.

We can also assist with the annual preparation of year end forms and returns.